Online brand protection


protect your brand, secure your identity 

Counterfeiting: a fast-growing industry
$ 323 billion damage was inflicted on the economy by counterfeiting in 2017 *, in the EU alone € 121 billion **.

is linked to organized crime;
uses advanced technologies;
grows at a rate of 15%

“Every product with a valuable brand is a target for counterfeiters,“ says the EUIPO 2019 report.
Consumers who buy on the internet often do not suspect they are buying a fake.


Defend yourself: yes you can

“50,000 people would be needed to monitor the network with the same efficiency as artificial intelligence-based algorithms“ (Lu Quan, Alibaba algorithm expert)

 Mar.Bre has been committed to online brand protection since 2012 and today we offer you a full protection turnkey service



We leverage on AI to scan the internet State of the art algorithms detect counterfeiting at an efficiency unpalleled by humans.

Abuse notification

We select the most advanced software platforms to detect the type of abuse and send customized notifications based on country specific legislation.

Domain portfolio management

We support in developing a domain name protection strategy and provide its full management from registration to renewal.


Web analysis

We provide a full review of your brand presence on the internet and including sales channels and internet communication.

Domain name recovery

We support the recovery of recovery hijacked domain names by devising the most effective strategy

Re-assignation procedures

We assist you in domain names dispute resolution


*Global Counterfeiting Report 2018
**Trends in Trade in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods”, OECD EUIPO, OECD Publishing, Paris/European Union Intellectual Property Office 2019”