We understand the value of your idea

For over twenty years we have been working alongside inventors, small and large companies with a tailor-suited service to develop and protect your strategic portfolio of brands and patents, in Italy and abroad, from filing to ongoing protection against counterfeiting.


We speak your language

Protection of your creative acts is a team result: we listen, understand your needs and goals and provide the solution; you are informed, empowered at each stage where decisions are needed and you will reap the tangible benefits.


This is why we like to work by offering:


The exact perception of the value of your idea.

We help you understand the true scope and effectiveness of what you have created and the safest way to protect it.



By your side at every stage. 

Analysis of the idea, filing, prosecution, competitors monitoring, anti-counterfeiting: our experts and partners are available to provide guidance on strategies to protect your investments and avoid issues in production and sales.



Our attention always focused on the specific case. 

We work for YOUR patent and YOUR brand and consider together methods and solutions best suited to your goals.



We work together to make them alive, impactful, unassailable.

They will make the difference between you and others.